Below is an (at-best-effort) exhaustive list of resources that I have used to create this website.

Third party media used for this website

Front page icons: IcoMoon Free

The icons on the front page comes from:

Various brand logos: Simple Icons

Any brand logos found on my website comes from the awesome Simple Icons collection of icons.

Various other icons: Font Awesome:

If the source of any third party icon is left unspecified, it originates from the Font Awesome collection:

Third party code used for this website


Description: Jekyll is a static site generator. You give it text written in your favorite markup language and it uses layouts to create a static website.


Why I use it: I want to be able to write my posts in Markdown and have it rendered into a great looking website - Jekyll does that, plus a ton more. Great stuff!


Description: The Jekyll Butler. A no frills responsive Jekyll blog theme


Why I use it: For the first version of my blog, I wanted a lightweight and nice looking theme - Poole was exactly that. I have added a bit of my own code on top, but Poole remains the core theme of my website.


Description: The world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites.


Why I use it: Because I want a front page with a special layout, but I suck hard at flexbox. It will be switched with raw flexbox eventually, as Bootstrap comes with a ton of CSS unrelated to layout, but hey, it works for now. Someday, somehow, it will be replaced.


Description: A lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standards in mind.


Why I use it: The built-in syntax highlightning in Jekyll turned out to be too basic for my needs. Prism offers much more customization and many plugin, such as line numbers and copy-to-clipboard.


Description: A modern approach to copy text to clipboard.


Why I use it: Enables copy-to-clipboard functionality in code highlight blocks.